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Welcome to Nakorn Cafe River View

That's a dream story that I dream alone without to really tell it to someone and One morning... I woke upalong the Mekong in Champassak, South Laos. I was extended in an hamoc installed between two giants bambou tree. The fresh brise produced to me a kiss cool feeling at Nakorn Cafe Guest and Restaurant .

Between the river and the mountain, in front of Wat Nakhone (originel city), the Nakorn Cafe Guest House and Restaurant is located in a perfect distance from  Wat Phu and Pakse city. A long a large street stretching his entire lenght along the mythical river The Mekong. Champassak is a place full of history, full of nature and pure air, full of love history and culture. A place with an aimaising diversity in a unique location.

The room key in a hand, i forgot that i was falled asleep in a so nice place. On my belly slept a menu, the one from Nakorn Cafe and Restaurant . A double dozen of locals dishes, lao , thai choose with maistro by the Chef, Miss One. And also a couple of western dishes to save long term travellers !

From the Jungle hamoc where i slept, my attention was catched by a big furniture looked like a family buffet, what was my surprise, a nice librairy (90% french books !) for all readers.

On the way back to my room, decorated with taste , with a view  the mekong, the heaven, the Wat Nakhone and on the Holy mountain. Of course, just before, i took a comfortable fresh shower in a splendid bathroom.

All these nice moments spent at Nakorn Cafe Guest House, I could share them with my family and all my friends trough an excellent wifi connection.

The Nakorn Cafe Guest House and Restaurant could being with out any doubt a place of :

Luxury, Calm and Voluptuous.

All this for an affordable rate.

I wish you a good visit of the website, and please don't hesitate to contact me for more informations.

Jacques & One